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SHRM Rio Grande Valley Board Member Vacancies!

    September 22, 2021

    SHRM RGV Board Vacancy Announcement for TermStart, January 2022-2023!

    Upcoming and current vacancies: 

    • Treasurer
    • Certification Director
    • Social Media Director
    • Diversity Director

    Submit your letter of intent, self-nomination, or peer nomination by October 20th. In the subject line include your full name and the word 'Nomination'. Email to one or both of the nomination submission contact email addresses.: 


    Nonprofit organizations frequently depend on the service and commitment of volunteers. The skills and talents of volunteers bring nonprofit missions to life. 

    We are calling on volunteers who are passionate, motivated, intentional, and willing to serve from the upper Rio Grande Valley (RGV) area. The SHRM RGV Board oversees the work of the local chapter with a human resources management perspective as we create better workplaces where employers and employees thrive together through professional development opportunities offered by industry experts in business and human resources. 

    Basic Function

    The Board of Directors serve two-year terms as volunteer leaders for SHRM RGV. Each director position aims to support and fulfill the responsibilities set forth in the position with each role having unique characteristics and functions.

    We may work "on or off the clock" in service of the local chapter and the goals of SHRM national. In most cases, volunteer leaders form a mutual agreement with their employers in service of their position (i.e., "on the clock" daytime or end of day board or chapter meetings at the work office, special meetings or webinars held mid-day once a month) while in other instances, some cannot use employer resources so volunteer leaders manage their role during their free time or after hours "off the clock." 

    To have an efficient team we require that directors never ignore service to the chapter and, 

    • Have an active interest in the human resource profession.
    • Have a willingness to assist in setting and achieving the chapter's goals.
    • Have the ability to devote the time necessary to attend and participate in Board and committee meetings for a quorum. 
    • Be willing to apply one's professional experience to the Board's decision-making process.
    • Have a history of professional achievement and success within an organization or within SHRM, which would enable the Director to provide context and leadership perspective to the Board.
    • Have a professional and credible reputation that enhances SHRM.
    • Strengthen the role of the Board by supporting the vision, purpose, and values of the organization.
    • Have sufficient knowledge of the management of a complex organization in a rapidly changing environment to provide substantive advice.
    • Have sufficient knowledge of the management of the position and make all the effort and intent to fulfill the role's responsibilities.
    • Have a clear understanding of governance (ideally including experience serving on other boards) and the importance of shared meanings with the chapter officers about accountability. 
    • Be highly qualified. Non-members will be required to become local members, and national members if applicable to the position and must become at least a local member prior to the election to the Board. 

    Visit the About Us page to access the link to all Board of Director Position Descriptions.